A Pre-Christmas Treat for All the Family!

As in our previous exhibitions we have a range of activities specially for our younger visitors.

The Children’s Quiz

Every child has the chance to enter our annual quiz.

Some of the questions are easy, some of the questions are harder, but the prize is fantastic.

One lucky child will win a complete model railway – a locomotive, some rolling stock, the track and a controller!

Just like these lucky winners from four of our recent exhibitions.

Layouts to Operate

It wouldn’t be Christmas unless that little blue tank engine and his friends were busy delivering presents!

We have a different layout from the Island of Sodor for the children to operate this year.

There are also four other layouts in the rest of the exhibition which have said that they sometimes allow trustworthy children to operate the controls.  If the operator is standing at the front of the layouts, it’s always worth asking nicely!

Drawings and Games

It can be tiring walking around, so there are two areas where parents and children can take a rest.  Junior Junction will be in the entrance lobby and Toytown Terminus will be in a special section of the catering area in Hall D.  There will be plenty of drawing materials and simple games to use.

A Note About Layout Heights

We often get comments on our visitor feedback forms that the the layouts are too high for small children to see.  This is largely outside our control, since the individuals and groups who built the layouts designed the height to be comfortable for themselves.  However, we make it a policy not to invite excessively high layouts, and we ask the owners to have in place viewing aids for any layout with a rail height greater than 1.2m (3ft 11in).   Only one of the layouts in this year’s show is higher than 1.2m