Other Attractions


A range of hot and cold snacks and drinks will be available in Hall D.  The catering will be supplied by Herb & Spice Catering of Altrincham.  The exact menu is still to be confirmed. 


The catering area also provides the space for visitors to eat their own picnics which they have brought with them or bought from one of the numerous fast food outlets near the venue.

Scale & Gauge

This exhibit was inspired by a comment left on one of our feedback forms by a visitor to our 2019 exhibition.   She asked for clarification about what  the two terms meant and how they related to “OO”, “EM” and “N” etc.  We hope this display will provide the answers.

The Centenary of the Grouping

During the First World War, all the independent railway companies in the UK gave sterling service in the carriage of troops, munitions, and supplies.  By the end of the war those companies were struggling to cope with the effect of lack of maintenance and investment caused by their focus on the essential the work that they had done. 

Eventually, the Railways Act 1921 also known as the Grouping Act, was enacted by the British government with the  intention of stemming the losses being made by many of the country’s 120 railway companies, by “grouping” them into four large companies dubbed the “The Big Four”.  The provisions of the Act took effect from the start of 1923.   This exhibit is a joint effort by several of the historical research societies to mark the centenary of this milestone in British railway history.

David Wright

David will be demonstrating the techniques used to build the spectacular fantasy landscape on his layout Raven’s Ravine.

Society Sales

Once again, our popular second hand stall was back.  It sold items donated to the Society by members of the public, and also items owned by present members who wished to dispose of them to raise money for other projects.  This stand will be in hall A.

MMRS Members’ Competition Stand

This stand,  in Hall A, is an opportunity for visitors to see the models built by our members since last year’s exhibition.  You will see some exquisite work featuring not only the traditional craft skills, but also examples of new and advanced techniques, such as laser cutting and 3D printing. 

Don’t let the standard of these models dishearten you!  There is a great deal of enjoyment to be had by buying off-the-shelf models and running them on a simple layout!

The Demonstration Desks

The MMRS has always been in the vanguard of modelling techniques and is always ready to share their knowledge and expertise with others.  (Have a look at the “Technical Articles” section of this website.) 

The demonstration desks allowed some of our most experienced modellers to share their skill with exhibition visitors in a covid-safe way.  You could expect to see demonstrations using 3D printed items and laser cut components, as well as demonstrations of scenic effects and kit building.

The photo shows how laser cut plywood and card can be combined with 3D printed chimney pots and drainpipes to produce a row of shops.

The MMRS Membership Stand

Your chance to speak to one of our committee members and learn about the facilities we have at Dean Hall (our clubrooms in Sale).  Hopefully, you will want to join the MMRS.  We always offer a special deal on fees at the exhibition.

Parent Respite Areas

These two areas offer a place for parents with small children to have a sit down and rest.  They are Toytown Terminus (a reserved part of the catering area) and Junior Junction (in the entrance lobby).  There will be toys, games and drawing materials in both areas to keep the children amused.

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