Jim Whittaker’s Modelling Resource

Jim Whittaker’s Sketchbook

Some time ago we came across Jim’s sketchbook, an amazing 148 pages of drawings of various vehicles from various regions made mainly in the 1960s with details of the vehicle number of the measured vehicle and the location of where it was measured. You can view the sketchbook here.

Further Resources

Jim was a prolific note-taker. Here you can view and download items from his extensive archive

These pages contain scans of Jim Whittaker’s various folders. They include considerable prototype information predominantly Great Western Railway vehicles but also references to drawings and photos of vehicles.

The modelling collection shows illustrations of how Jim made his models. Being a master scratchbuilder there is a lot of information on how Jim worked to produce his museum quality models using simple materials. This is before the days of etching and 3D printing.

Prototype Information