Over the years we have built many award winning layouts.

We currently have five layouts at the club, one is fully complete, four are progressing towards completion, and a new layout, Barton Road, is progressing very well from baseboard construction to track laying.

Layout titles shown below are active links that will take you to the dedicated page for that layout.


25 April 2015 a short video showing four layouts in operation and a glimpse of how small you can go, with Z gauge



9th August 2014 showing five layouts including a visiting Z gauge

8th August 2013 showing Dewsbury Midland and Slattocks Junction in operation


Dewsbury Midland (4mm scale OO gauge)

Our stunning layout, Dewsbury Midland was shown for the first time at our Millenium Exhibition and it is still well worth seeing.  It is set in the West Riding of Yorkshire, has won several awards at the exhibitions it has attended and has appeared regularly in the model railway press.

Model Railway Journals 165 and 166 give some idea of the research and commitment that has gone into the layout.  Size 25 feet by 11 feet.

Hazelwood Junction (2mm scale N gauge)

The N Gauge Group was formed after a group of members decided that an N Gauge layout would fill a slot missing from the MMRS and a simple layout would be built which would allow members to run models “straight from the box”.

Trackwork is Peco finescale and the layout is based around Hazel Grove.  There are now regular running sessions on the layout which is 12 feet long by 2 feet 8 inches wide.  Buildings, signals and scenic work continue to be developed.

Mersey Division (7mm scale O gauge)

With a continuous run the Mersey Division regularly plays host to many members’ models which are given the chance to stretch their legs and show what they can do.  Its 3 foot wide baseboards run around the outside of the 41 foot 6 inch by 24 foot upper floor of Dean Hall and it has appeared at our Annual Exhibition.

The main through station is Cornbrook, and a branch line with terminus station are well under way.

Slattocks Junction (4mm scale P4, 18.83mm gauge)

This layout has a continuous run with a through station (just off scene) and yard. The layout is fictional but based on the Calder Valley route in the Middleton to Castleton area.

Trackwork is being rebuilt and electrics, using the latest CBUS DCC for loco control, are all but completed.  A start has been made on the extensive scenery that will make this layout a little bit different from most P4 layouts.  In order to build 100+ wagons reasonably quickly, group members have developed a new etched baseplate system, Alex Jackson coupling jigs [click for details] and etched underframe details [see Model Railway Journal 200].

Including the scenic extension Slattocks measures 18 feet by 13 feet.

 Barton Road (4mm scale OO gauge)

A modular approach to modelling current & recent pratice. A new ’00’ layout based on the north west area covering a dated period 1965 to 2016. Based on Barton Dock Road Trafford Park with a main line connection, as at Manchester International Freight Terminal (MIFT). DCC & DC operation.

An exciting new challenge for the team co-ordinated by Alan Kay comprising existing and new members of the Society, and an opportunity for new members to become involved at the outset with what it takes to build an exhibition layout.

So please let us know of your interest, we will be available to talk to you any Monday night, come and get involved with its design and build. Thursday nights will be our main construction evening starting at 7-30 until 9-00 when it may be prudent to adjourn to a place where refreshments are served!

Welcome to Barton Road.